Fish curry or fish fry is a daily dish for every non vegetarian malabar family. We can’t have our lunch and dinner without fish curry!!! Meen mulakittathu is one of the simple and easy fish curry. You can prepare it as “with gravy or without gravy” curry. I prefer without gravy and spicy. You can enjoy this curry with rice and kerala parathas. Meen mulakittathu and kappa (tapioca) puzhungiyathu is a famous kerala dish combination.

Ingredients : 

  1. Fish (any) : 1/2 kg, cut into pieces
  2. Shallots : 1 handful, sliced
  3. Ginger : 1″ piece, finely chopped
  4. Garlic : 6 cloves, finely chopped
  5. Tomato : 1, medium, chopped
  6. Green chilly : 2 nos, split into two
  7. Tamarind : gooseberry size (soak it in 1/2 cup water and remove the juice)
  8. Curry leaves
  9. Turmeric powder : 1/2 tsp
  10. Chilly powder : 1 or  1/12 tsp
  11. Fenugreek powder : 1/4 tsp
  12. Coconut oil
  13. Salt

Method : 

  1. Heat oil in a mun chutty( clay pot) and add the fenugreek powder and saute for 10 secs.
  2. Add sliced shallots, chopped ginger and  garlic and saute.
  3. Add the masala powders and saute.
  4. Add tomato, green chilly, curry leaves, tamarind water and salt and mix well.
  5. Add the fish pieces and mix well.
  6. Add enough water and cook it till the fish is cooked well.
  7. If you want this curry with gravy, then switch of the stove.
  8. Otherwise cook it till all the water has been absorbed.
  9. After you switch off the stove add 1 tbsp coconut oil to this and twirl the mun chutty to spread the oil in the curry.
  10. Enjoy!!!

Note : 

  • You can prepare the curry in other pans also. But clay pot gives the curry more taste.
  • You can adjust the spiciness of the curry according to your taste.
  • You can increase or decrease the size of tamarind according to your taste.
  • Coconut oil gives the curry more taste than other oils.
  • You can use any fish. We even use small chemmeens( prawns).

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